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Ringstar Shoes Testimonials

Martial Artists at the University of Tennessee
Martial Artists at the University of Tennessee

"We have been using the Ringstar shoes for about 6 weeks now and we absolutely love them. The more you wear them the softer and more comfortable they become. They are the only shoe that I recommend to my students because of the quality of construction and the degree of protection provided to the foot for Martial Artists who spend long hours in the Dojo training. The shoes seem to be gaining in popularity here at UT and I foresee more orders in the future."

Master Lance England (Back Row - 2nd from left)
Instructor University of Tennessee
6th Degree Black Belt, Isshin-Ryu Karate
4th Degree Black Belt, Satori-Ryu Iaido
3rd Degree Black Belt, Muso-Shindo Jodo
Mbr., Board of Directors, USIKA

Dr. Allan Fields, M.D. "Simply stated, Ringstar® and Steve Shepherd have developed a product line of training equipment that, at last, takes advantage of many of the new technologies available today. As a physician and a fight fan I can only say ... Ringstar® is long overdue."

The Ringstar® 'Sparring Shoes' afford greater protection for both the wearer and sparring partner than the current sparring foot pads. These conclusions are based on over 17 months of examination, observation and testing in schools and gyms and at regulation bouts."

Allan N. Fields, M.D.
Renowned Ringside Physician
Vice Chair of American Association of Ringside Physicians
Board Certified Surgeon

Jason Bourelly "As a young boy and fighter I had heard countless stories about Steve Shepherd, especially his toughness and speed. When he first approached me about the advantages of Ringstar® I have to say I had my doubts. Well, not only has training with Ringstar® equipment reduced my annoying injuries... Ringstar® shoes have made me a better and more affective competitor."

Jason Bourelly
NASKA Sparring Champion

Ray Thompson "The Ringstar line of products are LONG overdue! Steve Shepherd has moved Martial Arts training and competition to the next level. I train two of the world's best fighters, Peyton "The Artist" Russell and Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson and they DO NOT train without Maxx Ringstar shoes on their feet and Advantage Handwraps on their hands. They sing the Ringstar praises every time they train. Thanks Steve, now I don't have to listen to them whine about their feet and toes hurting anymore!"

Ray Thompson
Trainer of Champions

Steve Fossum "We here at the IKF and ISCF tested the Ringstar shoes in many areas that included how they held up and performed during Power kicking drills, stretching exercises, combination kicks, their lightweight advantage, traction, ankle and foot support, cleanliness/hygiene and several other areas. All tests scored the shoe high and confirmed our self opinions that this is not just a great product for the fight sports but a great advancement for fighter safety. We here at the IKF and the ISCF are proud to endorse such a great product."

Steve Fossum
President IKF Kickboxing & ISCF MMA

Johnny Davis "I find the shoes as a great source of comfort and protection for my feet. As I sparred with the shoe, I felt the padding was exceptional because as I made contact, I didn't feel much shock at all on my foot that delivered the strike. When you get hit with this shoe its more like being hit with a pad than a shoe and that's a good thing."

Johnny Davis
IKF Point Kickboxing Director
Former 2-Time Professional (FCR) World Champion

Dan Stell "The protection of the shoe in sparring to the person wearing them is far better than the old style pads. I'm no longer worried about jamming my toes, the pad coming off, and the padded instep was a major addition as well. I would without a doubt highly suggest them for serious fighters."

Dan Stell
Head of IKF Officials
Co-Founder of IKF
Former Kickboxing Champion

Jeff Smith "Ringstar Sparring Shoes are the best thing to come along for the competitors and sport since the invention of the Safety Equipment! I just wish Steve Shepard would have invented it when he and I were competing! Lucky for us he invented a shoe for Instructors too! He even thought of it before Nike did! What a genius and to think he was a full contact fighter!"

Jeff Smith
1st World Lt Hv Wt. Full Contact Karate Champion
National Director for Mile High Karate
9th Degree Black Belt

Don "I loved them! I used the very first pair, (which has been greatly improved upon since then) in a real kickboxing fight in Atlantic City at the Tropicana. The shoe gave me better footing and the safety on that first shoe was easily comparable to a regular foot pad."

Don "The Dragon" Wilson
Former IKF World Champion

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"Koch Martial Arts's customer service is beyond professional.  Dealing with them is like dealing with not only a professional company, but a best friend at the same time.  I am happy with the products I ordered and wish to order from them again in the future."

Derek Liston
University Student
Mixed Martial Arts and Boxing
Brockville, Ontario, Canada

"I am very impressed with the genuine customer service that Randall Koch provides through his company. I am currently stationed overseas, and he made the process of shipping internationally and using the online live support from over here far easier than I have experienced elsewhere. The prices are great and I am happy to be a repeat customer! I recommend Koch Martial Arts to anyone."

Jenna Williams
Navelsg Forward
Headquarters Company

"Hi there! I have bought items from Koch martial arts and always have been nice and easy (you have to consider I live in Argentina,…, yes…, down there!!!!) . Randall, well……, he is one-of-a-kind person!, all your doubts will be answered and, in my case, always he and the people from koch martial arts have fulfilled my expectations. I strongly recommend this site as a very, very VERY good place to buy (and , between us, very good prices too, jeje!) Thumbs up, Randall and thank you for all your help! "

Nestor Medina
Cordoba, Argentina

"Just want to thank you for your good service. We have been purchasing martial arts gear, uniforms and weapons for the past 10 years for our sons from various martial arts businesses both online and in stores. Your prices are excellent and the Action Flex Escrima was received in good condition. Hope to do more business with you in the future."

Greg Smith
Cathy Won-Smith
Hayward, California

"Firstly congratulations for running such a smooth and professional operation. The site was very easy to find, is well put together, with accurate descriptions, good pictures. Prompt reply to emails and excellent communication all round. The products arrived promptly, atg the door, with minimum fuss. They are of high quality and exactly what I expected. Pricing was highly competitive. With the international delivery still cheaper than buying locally. Thank you for a great service."

Dr. Amir Nekoee
Bodybuilding and Martial Arts enthusiast
Melbourne, Australia

"Randall Koch from Koch Marital Arts and Fitness is a man of integrity and runs a very professional company. My experience with Randall has been amazing; the customer service provided to me was outstanding. He goes above and beyond your expectations. I would recommend them to anyone and I would order from them again. They have been by far the best company I have ordered from."

Tina Pac
HR Administrator
Cardio Kickboxing
Kensington, Connecticut

"I have ordered numerous times from Koch Martial Arts and EVERY TIME, I receive a GREAT TRANSACTION!! The product is ALWAYS Perfect and the Service is SECOND TO NONE!! Being in the Customer Service Industry, I ONLY give repeat business to companies who go ABOVE AND BEYOND and at Koch Martial Arts, that's what I've come to expect EVERY TIME!!

They are always quick to respond to emails and Shipping to Canada is AMAZINGLY FAST!!

I will continue to purchase all of my Bodybuilding clothing and accessories from Koch, why look ELSEWHERE when I've found THE BEST!!!"

Bobby Weir
Amateur Bodybuilder
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

"Doing business with you has been good & professional! Keep up the good service, it's hard to come by."

Dyana Alexander
Winter Park, Florida

I received it (Everlast® Pro Sparring Safety Cage Headgear) yesterday and it's in really good condition! It's a good decision to buy from you because of the lower prices and I'll inform others to visit your store. I wish you the best and thanks again!"

Jeric Tamayo
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

"I have asked Randell Koch so many questions using emails and online Live Support and always received answers to every inquiry.,From right size of headgear to proper fit of Ringstar shoes.And I have to say because of the great customer service, every Item I've purchased has fit perfectly .Always shipped as promised. Professional Service like this is hard to find. .and price of merchandise can't be beat. Thank you."

Atlanta, Georgia

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